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    Badger Meter, Inc. 是一家生產流量測量和控制設備的制造廠商,其在微小流量的控制與測量技術方面處于世界領先水平,它的產品銷往世界各地,服務于石油、食品、飲料、制藥、化工、水處理等行業。
    Badger Meter, Inc. 公司創辦于1905年,總部位于美國的密爾沃基,幾個主要的生產廠分別位于美國的密爾沃基、威斯康星州、塔爾薩、俄克拉荷馬州、亞利桑那州以及墨西哥、布爾諾、捷克和德國的斯圖加特。Badger Meter, Inc. 的所有制造廠都通過了ISO 9000認證。
    產品介紹Research Control Valve (Small Flow Control Valve) 微小流量調節閥

    (A) Standard Air to Open Valves
    (B) Standard Air to Close Valves
    (C) Positioner-Equipped Valves
    (D) Bellows Sealed Valves
    (E) Cryogenic Valves
    (F) Three-Way Valves
    (G) Sanitary Control Valves
    (H) ORION Control Valves

    Standard Research Control Valves
    The Type 807/752 valve is widely used in industrial applications, research, and process pilot plants on liquids, gases or steam to control fractional flows in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" pipe. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for additive injection, sampling, or low flow hydraulic systems. It is recommended for use wherever precise control is an important factor or where physical constraints limit valve weight or size.
    Standard Features
    ● Choice of 38 standard interchangeable trin sizes
    ● Threaded bonnet for quick disassembly
    ● Choice of linear, equal percentage and quick opening trim characterization on trim size "J" and larger
    ● TFE chevron packing
    ● ANSI Class IV shutoff (size "O" and larger)

    Optional Features
    ● Flanged sizes up to 1-1/2", socket weld, butt-weld nipples
    ● Cooling fin bonnet for higher temperature
    ● Bellows stem seal
    ● Angle pattern body
    ● Graphite or Kalrez packing
    ● Extended bonnet for cryogenic applications
    ● Barstock bodies in exotic materials

    High Pressure Control Valves
    RESEARCH CONTROL offers many different high pressure valves suited for applications in chemical, petroleum and other industries requiring a rugged, compact, heavy duty valve. Avaliable in globe and angle body patterns with pressures rating from 7,000 psig (517 bar) to 60,000 psig (4,318 bar).

    Applications include:
    ● Initiator flow control into a reactor
    ● Corrosion and hydrate inhibitor injection in offshore natural gas production
    ● Gas injection (gas lift) in offshore oil production
    ● Sampling systems requiring low dead volumes
    ● Blowing agents in molding processes
    ● Flow control in mass controller applications
    ● Filling of high pressure cylinders

    Standard Features
    ● Interchangeable innervalves
    ● Choice of linear, equal percentage and quick opening innervalves
    ● TFE chevron packing
    ● ANSI Class IV shutoff
    ● High Pressure/temperature rating
    ● Encapsulated graphite body gasket
    ● Polyurethane enamel coated pressure cases inside and out
    ● Adjustable spring preload and up travel stop
    ● Dual IEC 534 (NAMUR) accessory mounts

    Optional Features
    ● Graphite and other special packings
    ● Extended and other special bonnets
    ● Socket-weld or butt-weld ends
    ● Flanges

    Sanitary Control Valves
    The type SCV85 and SCV89 sanitary control valves are well suited to automated control systems found in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processes. Common uses are pressure, temperature and flow control in fermentation reactors; control of gas blankets in closed vessels; and catalyst, defoamer, and additive initation.

    Both the SCV85 and SCV89 RESEARCH CONTROL Valves are compact, modulating valves designed to meet the manufacturing standards established by the 3A Symbol Council. They are available in five sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2". Several innervalves are available in each size to cover medium and low flow rates.

    Standard Features
    ● Manufactured in accordance with the 3A Symbol Council
    ● O-ring stem seal quick disassembly with clamps
    ● Choice of ends: butt-weld, Tri-Clamp
    ● Choice of 17 innervalves
    ● Choice of innervalve characteristics: liner, equal percentage and quick open

    Optional Features
    ● Stainless steel actuators

    Model 9000 & Model 9100 Control Valves
    The Model 9000 and 9100 are designed for modulating control of liquids, gases and steam in industrial applications where performance, quality and compact physical size are important. These rugged designs offer features and performance levels normally found in more expensive, larger valves.
    The unit is designed to handle fluids and environment found in chemical plants, pulp & paper and textile mills, refineries and many other demanding industries.

    Standard Features
    MODEL 9000
    ● 316 stainless steel construction
    ● Dual body mounting [NPT/Flangeless]
    ● Wide range of innervalves
    ● Linear, Equal Percent or –On-Off
    ● ANSI Class IV seat leak standard
    ● Encapsulated body gasket
    ● No brass oe asbestos
    ● Epoxy coated steel parts
    ● Multi-Spring reversible diaphragm actuator
    ● Adjustable spring loading
    Optional Features
    ● Stellite Innervalve
    ● Soft seating innervalve
    ● Seat leakage Class 5 or 6
    ● Alloy C body material
    ● 3-way design
    ● Double packing
    ● Double packing with Purge Port
    ● Bellows seal bonnets
    ● Extended bpnnets for hot or cryogenic service
    ● Positioners, i/p converters, fliter regulators
    ● Limit switches, solenoid valves, gauges

    Standard Features
    ● Heavy Duty Hi-Capacity bronze body
    ● Large choice of innervalve sizes
    ● Choice of linear, equal percentage and quick opening innervalves
    ● ANSI Class IV shutoff
    ● Live-Loaded TFE Packing
    ● Heavy Duty Post Guided Innervalve
    ● Multi-Spring reversible diaphragm actuator
    ● Adjustable spring loading
    Optional Features
    ● Linear Characteristic or Quick Open On-Off
    ● Double Packing, Reduced Emissions Kalrez (REK) fugitive emission packing
    ● Alarm/Purge port with double packing
    ● SST bonnet extensions fir cryogenic service
    ● Positioners, Limit switches, Airset, etc.
    ● Carbon steel "Lap-Joint Flange Kit" for conversion to CL150 Flanges [meets ASME/ANSI face to face length]

    PFS-OP孔板節流裝置(Orifice plates)
    口徑: 2"-600";壓力等級: ANSI CL300#-CL2500#。 
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